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It is hard to identify those who might benefit from financial advice, as people often don’t directly state that they “need a financial advisor”.

Through conversations, they may allude to the challenges they’re facing. There may be upcoming life events arising and it is these times when financial advice is most valuable. 

Examples of events that may benefit from help: 

feeling stressed with finances, planning for a new family member, seeking to buy or upgrade a home, struggling with savings, desiring to invest but unsure where to start, experiencing job or role changes, getting married or entering a partnership, or approaching significant milestone birthdays and wanting to take money matters seriously.

These examples represent just a few of the ways we can provide support, but there may be countless other areas where our expertise can help those who haven’t yet connected with us.

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Here are four ways in which you can engage with Jarrod:

1. You can follow Jarrod on LinkedIn where you can find regular posts around money.

  1. Free download: The Spending & Savings System
    Helping you manage your money to the best of your ability; freeing up your time, allowing you to spend today without guilt, and unleashing your wealth creation potential.
  1. Free case study: how Jarrod helped Ryan & Jess, a working professional couple with kids, develop their goals and take advantage of every financial opportunity in their lives.
  1. If you’re ready, book a free 15-minute chat with Jarrod to discuss where you currently are, what wealth creation opportunities you’re missing out on, and how to make sure you’re on track for your future goals.

Message from Jarrod

On behalf of the team at Blue Financial, we really appreciate you introducing us to someone else in your life.

You’re doing a good deed, as getting quality financial advice can make a real difference to peoples lives. Rest assured, if you do refer someone our way, we’ll make sure they get the best advice and experience we can provide.

‍Thanks in advance, Jarrod.