Life Insurance, Made Easy

Life Insurance, Made Easy

Protect What Matters Most

Your family’s future and your ability to earn an income are worth protecting. 

We believe every child has a right to a certain standard of living, even if a parent were to suffer an unforeseen illness, injury or death. 

Our goal is to make the process of protecting what’s important easy and stress-free, so you can get on with the fun things in life. 

We are available online and on the phone allowing you to receive professional insurance advice in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

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With a good insurance plan you will have Peace of Mind knowing :

•  Your family will always have their home

•  Your family can continue their standard of living

•  The bills will be paid on time

•  Your income will continue until retirement

We’ve seen family’s hit with unforeseen illnesses (some leading to death) which resulted in financial devastation. They didn’t have an insurance plan. Do you?

Financial Freedom Ballarat

Kind Words from our Clients​

Financial Freedom Ballarat

A passionate life insurance adviser will:

•  Explain the four different types of insurance.

•  Determine the appropriate levels of cover required for your goals.

•  Recommend the best insurance provider for your situation.

•  Suggest the most cost-effective ownership structure (superannuation or personal).

•  Recommend the most suitable premium structure; stepped or level.

•  Review your circumstances overtime & make adjustments as needed.

•  Be there at claim time, reducing stress, and handle the paperwork.

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Our Process

Step 1
The 15-minute chat
We use this call to find out what’s important to you. You might be ready to set up insurance straight away or you might be getting a feel for what’s out there – we’ll move as fast or as slow as you would like.
Step 1
Step 2
The Online Questionnaire
We will supply you with our quick and easy questionnaire. This is where you tell us the finer details of your current situation, which then allows us to develop a personalised insurance plan tailored to you.
Step 2
Step 3
Personal insurance plan
The insurance plan outlines the recommended life insurance products, coverage amounts, and combinations based on your circumstances. We also explain what you could expect to pay, how to pay (super fund or personal), along with some different options to reduce the cost.
Step 3
Step 4
Setting it up
We do all the groundwork in setting it up for you with your chosen provider. We dot the i’s and we cross the t’s making sure nothing is missed. You get on with the fun things in life
Step 4
Financial Freedom Ballarat

Common Concerns

• Premiums can be paid from your super fund to avoid impact on your bank account.

• You can set up insurance with any provider (we have access to the whole market) and deduct the premium from any super fund (via annual rollover). This means you don’t need to change super funds to have the best insurance for your situation.

Example: Barefoot Investor readers can have their super with HOSTPLUS and choose the best insurance provider for their needs; linking it to the HOSTPLUS super fund.

• Default (or automatic) cover is usually not enough for what you would want if something happened.

• Default cover (or group insurance in Industry Super funds) is usually not “guaranteed renewable”; meaning it can be canceled or modified without your input. A retail policy is one that you own, and generally only you can cancel or modify the policy.