Career opportunities

Take your career to the next level

Blue Financial is a young, fun, and vibrant business that looks after its people.

This is reflected in through our continual innovation to create a client experience like none other.

We offer competitive remuneration packages with future equity plans & profit share for the ambitious & successful.

We offer flexible working arrangements.

You’ll have the opportunity to focus on building your skills and grow your career.

The role: Financial advisor or Financial advisor associate

We’re looking for an up-and-coming adviser who’s looking to take their career to the next level.

We have a strong remote support team, meaning the focus of this role is to work on high-value tasks supporting our clients.

Advice work is based on a clear roadmap of the clients’ values & goals. Only once that is established the focus turns to financial advice strategies: wealth creation (super & non-super), wealth protection (personal insurance) & cashflow, budgeting & debt guidance.

We strive on having a working culture that is young, fun, and vibrant.

If you are starting out as an associate you’ll start with a group of amazing clients, supporting and learning from a senior adviser, but with a view to quickly progress to onboarding and managing your own group of clients.

As an innovative business, opportunities for development and progression are only limited by your capability and enthusiasm.

The role is based out of our Ballarat office with hybrid working arrangements available.


  • Competitive remuneration
  • Equity and profit options
  • Balanced work culture
  • Flexible working arrangements

Our approach to work

  • No hard sales on clients
  • Realistic performance goals
  • Culture of Innovation & improvement
  • Team ideas for improvement welcomed

Apply within by emailing your cover letter & resume to

Please record a 5-minute video on your phone or using (a common piece of tech we use to communicate to our clients) to discuss/answer the following questions:

  1. If you started a business today, what would its top values be?
  2. Who inspires you? Why?
  3. What’s something you’re really proud of? Why?
  4. Tell me about a time when you’ve had to manage a conflict or an irate customer – how did you manage this?

Don’t worry about sound or lighting in the video. You don’t have to memorise your lines or read from a script. Keep it raw. Authenticity is the key here 🙂